Sunday, February 26, 2012

Israel vs. Iran?

If current commentators can be believed, it seems Iran may only be a couple of years or so from acquiring an atomic bomb and the means to deliver it. As the bellicose Iranian leadership constantly threatens to destroy Israel, a conflagration in the Middle East is possible.

There are other unstable nuclear nations, North Korea and Pakistan, but the Middle East continues to be centre stage in international affairs. The Turmoil in Syria only adds to the uncertainty. But of all the flashpoints that engender vicious emotions, Israel is front and centre.

Most would consider that simply chance that history and geography had choreographed; yet the Bible prophesies Israel as the centre of affairs at the end of the age. Good guess—if it was that!—a thousand other insignificant nations disappeared into the waste bin of history, but Israel survived.

Too much of a coincidence! In fact, Israel has been the punching bag of nations, even of a misguided Christian church, for most of her existence yet despite her current beleaguered status, most of the world considers Israel the cause of hostility. Why?

Commentators could quote a host of reasons, but most would dismiss what I deem the most credible: Satan’s desire to destroy Israel and prove God false. The Bible’s credibility, and by association, God’s existence, stands or falls according to Israel’s existence or extinction.

I’m not one to find fulfilled prophecy in every news report, but a climax to world history seems best staged by a final conflict between brothers, the age old rivalry between Isaac and Ishmael. The Koran’s insistence on Ishmael’s superiority and its demotion of Jesus Christ is the ideal catalyst.

This also explains Arab unabated fury and desire to destroy Israel, although presented under the guise of anger at Israel’s occupation of Arab lands. But, should Arab vehemence be unleashed against Israel, God promises to preserve Israel in Revelation 12: a future test of His credibility.

Will the current face off between Iran and the west be the beginning of this process? Let’s keep an eye and open mind on future days. But rest assured, the war is joined and will be won in the heavens. Any concurrent battles on earth are simply the human facade.