Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Hello again friends:

Well, it’s been over a year since my last blog. Now two major changes are once again leading me to pick away at my keyboard and let out some steam.

Of course, the one major change is one that will affect us all, the Liberal majority voted in by Canadians yesterday. Both the liberal and NDP platforms were of concern to me, but even apart from that I’ve always been convinced that socialism—at least as its practiced in Canada—is a flawed concept.

While the desire to increase benefits for the disadvantaged is to be applauded, at the same time socialists attack business—especially big business—which is their source of income for their social programs. That is why we can expect growing deficits and debt in both Alberta and Canada over the next four years. Maggie Thatcher said it best: “the problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money!”

Having said all that, most governments elected in western countries rarely perform strictly according to their philosophy; there are too many restraints already in place. So I’m interested to see what Justin Trudeau does over the next few months. He needs my prayers as much as any other leader. I’m at peace with the fact that God is still in control of the world’s affairs, and there are much bigger problems beyond our borders.

So much for politics. The other change is a personal one.

Having had surgery over six years ago to remove a cancerous prostate, the cancer has re-emerged in my bones. I am having treatment that should put it to bed for a few more years yet, but there is no guarantee. I am just thankful for the years I’ve had—I’ll be eighty next year—and for the health I enjoy. I have never felt sick as a result of my cancer, and live life as normal as my age would suggest.

However, I plan to take up regular blogging again, not only to review whatever course this cancer might take, but also to express my opinion on life as it unfolds. Writing my ideas out always clarifies my thinking on issues, and if you find it helpful, I’m thankful for that bonus.

Look forward to meeting you here again.