Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday December 12, 2008

Blessed is she who has believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished!" Luke 1:45

One little boy’s definition of faith was “believing in something that isn’t true!” Often the adult idea of faith is simply a lever to hope for something that may never happen. Biblical faith is trusting in the truth when there may be no scientific evidence to prove it. This is the experience of millions who believe in the presence of God in daily life even when circumstances seem against its likelihood. In Mary’s case, the most unlikely promise of all history was that she would be the mother of the incarnate God. But it was her firm belief in God’s promise that brought the joy and blessing of God into her life.

One renowned Bible scholar told the story of his son going to the clinic for a vaccination shot. The boy was fearful of the shot and clung tightly to his father who was carrying him to the dreaded needle. His trust in his father to take him through was greater than the fear of the shot. This is a simple picture of the Christian who trusts implicitly in God especially though times of adversity—it is at these times when we cling tighter to God.

The snow is beginning to fall outside. We are warned of blizzard conditions tonight and tomorrow morning. What comfort a warm home, protected from the weather, is when facing the storm. It is a clear reminder that not all of life will be fair weather, and we may not be so easily protected from the storms that may assail us. Although there are social services that provide some relief, in the end we will not find the final solution around us, but only in the assurance of God’s presence with us in the storm.

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