Sunday, December 28, 2008

Saturday December 27, 2008

Live a life of love. Ephesians 5:2

I have mentioned previously that our daughter’s family and their friend from an attached suite have four dogs between them—usually all together in the house, and all BIG dogs! Mealtime is particularly instructive. We like to think dogs are animals of faithfulness, but we soon find their interest is far more mercenary. They all take up positions around the table, their eyes telling you they haven’t been fed for days. They wait for some relenting dupe to fall for their deception, or remain in a catch stance for any food that falls from the table.

Of course, with a two year old at the table, some food does stray from its original destination. Anything that drops from the table rarely reaches the floor but is snapped up with the ferocity of a shark attack. As Jesus said, it’s not right to give the dogs food prepared for the children, but these dogs certainly do eat the crumbs and more that fall from this table. I’m just glad that these dogs have been trained not to eat what’s on the table. I suppose there is some value in having these living vacuum cleaners under foot; it’s just a pity they are selective in what they suck up.

But they receive a life of love—and it’s a dog’s life. Food, water, a bed to sleep in all provided for the pleasure of having them feign adoration. They are quick to give clear signals if they don’t get what they want and could be very persuasive if they didn’t know—or pretend to know—who the boss is. After all, they know which side their bread is buttered, although most dogs I know eat better than that. I have to agree dogs are intelligent—perhaps more than we give credit for. Spending time with dogs makes it clear that dogs are not a man’s best friend, but men are a dog’s best friend.

As I have noted earlier, I like dogs—as long as they belong to other people. But unlike them, I am not taken in by a dog’s eyes or tail. To believe otherwise is a bit like believing in God: good for you if it brings you comfort! At least that’s what some think who don’t really know the truth about dogs and God. For some of us, God is the source for living a life of love. And for many, dogs are clearly a step along that road.

As I recover from my obvious addiction to my family’s dogs, and Ann and I travel to England, it may be a few days before we are hooked up to the internet again, so expect some gaps in my diary writing. Be in touch again soon.

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