Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tuesday December 23, 2008

He will be the sure foundation for your times, Isa 33:6.

During this time of economic downturn, I think everyone would like to know where the bottom is. Somewhere down there, there must be a bottom, a foundation that is secure. In actual fact, the only final assurance is the prayer that God would “give us this day our daily bread,” a catch word for the basic necessities of life. The One who used birds to feed Elijah, fed the widow from a bottomless jug of oil, and fed 5000 with a boy’s meagre lunch can surely see us who trust him through this time also.

But all this does not preclude us from being prepared for the difficult times. There are always those things we can do and should do if we are to be responsible. But there frequently comes a point where we can do no more, and it is in these circumstances we have no choice but to rely on God for his strength and provision. He is the only sure foundation for life.

But what can we do to prepare for illness? Lifestyle can have a great effect on our state of health, and Ann does her best to make sure I eat sensibly. Someone has written to us asking about my “diet.” Is it a sickness imposed regime or simply healthy eating? For a chocolate addict and sweet tooth like mine there is a clear route to follow, for sugar feeds cancer; hence the cottage cheese—now gratefully laced with fruit!—and flaxseed oil. My previous diet of bread loaded with jam, ice cream, cookies, chocolate chip muffins . . .—you get the idea—now severely curtailed.

Here’s my food philosophy. We live in a hostile environment—enough pollution around to poison a horse—and our food is increasingly deficient in nutrients, prepared foods loaded with risky additives. No wonder our bodies are ill–prepared for viral, bacterial and other onslaughts against them! Perhaps the spiritual battles humankind faces have their counterpart in those unseen pests that invade our bodies. Unfortunately, this knowledge doesn’t reduce my desire for chocolate or occasional adventures down the cookie aisle or around the fancy cake stands. Temptation comes in many guises.

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