Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday January 14, 2009

To each one of us grace has been given as Christ apportioned it. Ephesians 4:7.

They say that writers should write something every day. Great idea, but try it. Sometimes my mind is as dry as a desert, and about as productive. But today, something special. Our grandson and his wife are expecting their second child. Norah their firstborn, about a year old, is delightful—hence our special name—Adorable Norah. After having three girls ourselves, we had only one granddaughter—Jenny you are still our favourite granddaughter!—and six grandsons, so we are delighted to have a great granddaughter in the family. What do you have for us this time Dan and Jo? And Jo: you are our favourite granddaughter-in-law!

Well, if being a grandparent makes you feel old, wait until the “greats” arrive. From our experience of passing 70, I think there is a psychological twist to growing old—or at least feeling it. 70 seemed like a milestone, and energy dropped overnight. Add to that a couple of great grandchildren and the ratchet effect is noticeable again for each one. Ann says she wouldn’t recommend growing old to anyone. Growing old with grace is a feat of denial and appearance and we can use all the grace Christ has apportioned to us.

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