Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday February 28, 2009

The sun stopped in the middle of the sky and delayed going down about a full day. Joshua 10:13.

Joshua had some pull to get a day extended so he could get his work done. I wonder if he had jetlag as result. We can get a day extended artificially by flying west around the world, but there is always a payback time on the return trip. Ann and I could have done with a couple of extended days to get our work done—but on second thoughts the standard day is tiring enough. I can’t believe that it is Saturday already; just too busy this week to keep you up to date on this blog. Perhaps as we wind down our organized confusion will abate some also.

Jack and Rae, our replacements, arrived Thursday as planned, and the time to date has been orientation for them from us, together with the inevitable round of introductions and farewells this part of our journey provokes. We are genuinely sorry to say goodbye to the folks here who have been so gracious and an inspiration to us both. Our next trip to England is uncertain. Not only are increasing age and possible decreasing health a hindrance, we have other places to go as well—New Zealand is calling again: no time to stop yet!

We may not get any extended days—probably just as well—but we have started on an extended journey home. We moved out of our Mews residence into Winchelsea on Wednesday to make room for Jack and Rae, and leave room 5 here today. Then a week with my sister in Brighton with a few last trips planned for the week. Next Saturday we fly to Montreal for a few days with Alex, our youngest daughter and husband, and Luciano our youngest grandchild. Then finally home in the middle of the following week!

Perhaps then we will have time to think about the immediate future, particularly surgery which is always simmering on the back burner. But also a time to reflect on the unusual cold and snow, but above all the memorable times we have had here—and especially God’s goodness in providing these opportunities.

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