Monday, October 11, 2010

Pro-Lifers Arrested

I continue to be appalled at the ignorance or rationalization that perpetuates the wholesale slaughter of human life within the womb. Every year, 100,000 in Canada, one million in the US, and countless more millions worldwide have their lives terminated. The Nazi holocaust has nothing on this.

Below is a short letter I sent to both the Lethbridge and Calgary Heralds and the National Post. It notes the conflict within the Canadian psyche highlighted by the arrest of pro-life advocates at Carlton University. Liberal thinking clearly trumpets its compassionate nature, but continues to lessen the importance of human life with its intransigent stand for abortion on demand and continuing calls for euthanasia.

Yet this decrease in the sanctity of life is inevitable as the nation slides from the dignity of every human life conferred by the likeness of God within. Discarding a God of any consequence simply leaves no life safe from capricious human concepts that dictate whose life is of value.

Certainly, the Carlton pro-lifers are fodder for a ruthless abortion lobby that must quell opposition at any cost to silence the voice of conscience within. I doubt these young people will be the last victims as long as they raise awareness of this intolerable violence against the children awarded to our care.

Here is the letter. I have yet to see it published.

The arrest of pro-life activists at Carlton University proves what a nation of hypocrites we are! We condemn those who deny the Nazi holocaust, yet want to hide the evidence of the holocaust taking place under our noses. Tearing human life from the protective womb of its mother will always be a moral issue, however much we try to stifle discussion and cover it up.

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