Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wasted Time?

This week has not been a good one. Oh! Not that anything particularly bad happened, or that nothing good occurred; it just didn’t go the way I wanted. Of course, that last phrase should raise the question of why it seemed so unprofitable.

Distractions are the first problem. Not necessarily frivolous pastimes, but needful things. Health requires visits to the clinic, doctors, check-ups, massages or chiropractic care, and, while we are out, why not some needful shopping?

Home by noon, lunch and a rest—Ann and I sleep for an hour or more!—and the day is shot.

Now it’s Christmas. Let’s get the tree and decorations up. Have to do it this morning, we have a visit planned this afternoon. Can I write in some Christmas cards?

Another day requires a trip to Calgary; the day is gone and no time for a sleep either! Then a day spent in our daughter’s house looking after some visitors, and most of the week has gone also.

The second setback is tiredness. A day or two of the common round seems to sap both our energy and resolve.

I recall starting my first pastorate. Why not tackle some basic research for next Sunday’s sermon on Monday morning? I soon learned that the emotional energy spent at several services on Sunday left me exhausted on Monday.

No wonder many pastors take Mondays off. One wise pastor told me never to resign on a Monday. I’d probably regret it Tuesday!

These distractions sap my creativeness. After all, I write best in the morning. Worse still, the two or three mornings I had available, I couldn’t put two words together. I deleted most of what I wrote in desperation and annoyance.

So far the tyranny of the urgent has left tired gaps for the important. Can you guess how I felt by the end of the week, and who bore the brunt of it?

I’m not sure God was glorified in my efforts or attitudes this week. So how do we process times like this when all is supposed to be done to the glory of God.

In the grand scheme of things, I doubt one unproductive week adds up to much. And perhaps, those times are part of the process of accomplishment—some needed recuperation, or outside inspiration—certainly the week inspired this piece!

I guess winning the war is far more important than losing a few battles. In this vein, let’s hope this coming week is as good as the last.

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