Monday, June 27, 2011

Sick in Sudbury

On our way home from the east. Spent the night in Sudbury. Spartan motel with a sullen and unresponsive landlady. Seems to fit a grimy mining town. Not impressed! Ann has grabbed a touch of pneumonia; I found a dry cough, sore throat and complaining stomach. More not impressed!

Been dreaming all night of writing mixed with travel. Seemed to make sense at the time, but a bizarre jumble in fading retrospect. Clearly sick dreams. Ann and I took turns coughing, checking the time. Long night; now about 5 a.m.

Otherwise, everything is fine. Car still running, uneventful journey so far. Next stop Thunder Bay tonight, hope to be home about Wednesday supper time. Not too much communication till then—I don’t type and drive; probably a law against it anyway.

The fog of driving and sickness obscures future objectives; it’s all about now. I’m assuming God is still mixed up in all this. Looking forward to better contact with Him and you in time, and restoring my normal, if truncated, clarity! All in His time.

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