Monday, June 20, 2011

Signs of Hope?

I suspect that after the riot arrests in Vancouver this week, the cries of police brutality will again ring out from the hooligans that trashed much of downtown.

General thuggery and mayhem is apparently the right of delinquents who seek to indulge in it, and experience suggests it is doubtful any justice of a simple “punishment that fits the crime” variety will be meted out.

However, the response of citizens to clean up the mess is a clear indication of disgust at the senseless vandalism by the general population, but a also desire show care and respect for the city and its businesses. It is also a slap in the face for the distorted adolescent behaviour that caused it.

But perhaps, it is the tearful apology by one of the perpetrators that brings the greatest hope. It appears others are following. Genuine remorse and repentance is in short supply, and any indication of it is one small step for humankind.

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Anonymous said...

I suspect he is remorseful because he was caught. his father said that the photo was "misleading". Not sure what is misleading about putting a flaming rag in a gas tank. I would think that had he not been outed, he would have never come forward.