Friday, July 8, 2011

With all the attention on Will and Kate it seems reasonable to note some aspects of the monarchy that need to be remembered. Of course, much of the adulation Will and Kate received appears well founded; they are perhaps the most delightful and personable couple the royal family have produced since George VI and his wife.

Elizabeth II has stated how much her Christian faith means to her during one memorable Christmas Day speech. Just as well, as the monarch is head of the Church of England. Which leads to a couple of anomalies. First, Canada tries to pride itself, in concert with the US, in separating church and state, yet has a queen who heads the church!

Second, what happens if the monarch is not a Christian? After all, faith is a choice, not something handed down like nationality. That, it seems, is a distinct possibility if the curmudgeonly Charles ever makes it to the throne.

Ever wondered what the D G after the Queen’s name on Canadian coins means? They are abbreviated Latin for “by the Grace of God”; oops, another anomaly! At least Canadian coins have omitted the letters on British coins that say REG F D; abbreviated Latin for “Queen, Defender of the Faith.”

Perhaps the anti-monarchists (in Britain as well as Canada) should turn their attention to having the queen’s faith imposed on them, rather than considering the monarchy an anachronism. For me: how about the monarchy actually defending the faith it represents?

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