Thursday, August 18, 2011

the Faces of Evil

What is the common factor between the Somali famine and the London riots? Lawlessness! Half of Somalia is under the violent “rule” of armed thugs who have no regard for human life. They are content to let the population die of starvation and even kill them if deemed convenient to their cause

The London riots only differ in the “sticks and stones” armament they had to advance their rampage. Again, there was no value placed on human life in the fires set and deliberate deaths that occurred. Both these tragic events demonstrate human evil that expresses itself when no rule of law exists, or can be easily flouted.

Make no mistake, without the rule of law, every city and community on earth would face the same anarchy. The problem is not poverty or disenfranchisement; that is simply an excuse for evil action. Corporate executives will defraud without conscience if they consider they can avoid prosecution.

Evil rooted in the human soul causes the violence and misery so much of the world endures. Since the murder of Abel, humankind has not found an “answer” to this dilemma. Spiritual deformity requires spiritual action, and only the provision for cleansing in Jesus Christ can reverse the slide to evil.

But as long as some in all corners of the earth reject the notion of final accountability, evil will continue to flourish. But it will continue to provoke God’s call to “Go and make disciples of all nations,” and our call: “Come, Lord Jesus.”

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