Sunday, September 18, 2011

Life is Like an Interchange

If you have trouble following directions, then these marvels of engineering called interchanges will give you trouble. That five cent gas coupon from Safeways is swallowed up in the five mile drive to return to the same spot if you miss your turning!

But it’s not just finding the right exit, it’s knowing which lane to be in to take it. And even if you know, crossing multiple lanes of fast moving traffic to get there can be hazardous to your health.

I recall a number of occasions driving the M25, a ring road around London; four or five lanes in each direction filled with traffic pushing the 110 kph speed limit. 
My brother-in-law called it “The wall of deaf” (like many English he couldn’t pronounce th), recalling the circular cage where trick motorcyclists ride horizontally. 

The only time the traffic slows down is for the frequent accidents that close some lanes. On one occasion, I was held up thirty miles from the M25 because of an accident on it, with a couple of daughters racing to catch a plane. They just made it!

These interchanges are like life, confusing and dangerous. What makes it worse is the lack of proper signs, or worse, the absence of them. And just imagine the confusion if all exits pointed to the same destination—like the fatuous statement that all beliefs lead to God!

I must admit to sympathy with those trying to find the exit to Truth, especially when all the exits point that way. Postmodernists are half-right when they say truth is relative. All “truths” derived from earthly sources are temporary; often in conflict, misleading, or deliberately false.

It is only the eternal transcendent Truth, existing before time began and continuing beyond time, which can take us through the interchanges of life to our desired destination. All earthly truth is only a shadow or attempted subversion of that Truth, and is destined to perish at the end of time.

Jesus Christ is the Way and that eternal Truth. He alone can provides the right exists in life. All other ways are a dead end.

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