Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Pain of Christmas

Only 21 days to the day when we celebrate the occasion of superlative joy of God’s greatest gift to humankind.

But it is fitting to realize Christmas also carries a reminder of the pain of life as well. Mary’s baby conceived out of wedlock—no real deal these days—carried enormous stigma in the Jewish culture of the day. Mary’s pain of childbirth reflected the ostracism that she would receive from people around her, as well as the pain that this baby was eventually to bear for our sin.

Christmas has become a family affair; a good thing considering the family nature of that original event, and the many fractured families of today. But many who have no family dread Christmas. More than one has said they wished they could fall asleep in early December and not wake up until January.

For several Christmases, we have invited one or two singles to join us for some part of our Christmas celebration. It is not easy, for visitors may feel like interlopers in a family affair. Yet Jesus came to bring us who were separated from Him into His family. To include those who are cut off from their own family relationships is simply a reflection of His love.

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