Sunday, January 15, 2012


Today, new life emerged, that is, life that didn’t exist, now exists. This runs counter to the theory of the indestructibility of matter—or better, that no new matter can come to exist. New life is not simply the reorganization of elements of matter, but completely extra, new, additional—something on earth that hasn’t existed until now.

That new life may only be a lamb; only, in the sense that millions of lambs and other creatures have received new life throughout history. Yet that one birth is a symbol of the miracle of new life that occurs in nature every spring and in creatures every day.

Whether new life will ever arise in a test tube remains to be seen, but the only evidence we have to date is that life proceeds from life. That can only mean life on earth proceeded from Life beyond it. Even the unlikely theory that aliens brought life here, begs the question of where that life came from!

It seems to me, life has an innate desire to unite with its source, and the human soul is astray and lost seeking for its destiny elsewhere. In fact, those who consider independence from that Life their goal will eventually lose the life they have—both in meaning and in fact.

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