Sunday, February 5, 2012

Coming Home 2

Some of you have been asking how we are faring in our transition from New Zealand to Canada. It’s a major change, from summer to winter and a twenty-four hour journey door to door, saying goodbye—at least for a time—to loved ones and re-entering a different, if minimally different, culture.

The major change is, or should be the climate. Yet this year, the mild prairie winter is paralleled by a cool New Zealand summer. On arrival, the New Zealand high was 18 degrees, compared with 15 degrees in Southern Alberta. That was almost as much of a shock as temperatures in the 30s would have been.

The things I will miss in Canada, easily obtainable in New Zealand: Good cider at a reasonable price, custard in litre cartons ready for use, and Marmite—staples of my English childhood; er, not the cider! Things I won’t miss: gas at twice the price and reversed driving positions and controls.

The journey, except for security hassles, is not that bad. The longest flight is overnight and we slept; we were fresh for transitions the next day. We appreciated grandchildren in Calgary who ferried us to the airport, looked after our car and met us with it on our return.

Of course, having family all over the world presents these challenges. And all this in our mid-seventies. But really, its a piece of cake! We’re seasoned for it—and more trips, if God and our health wills.

Where do you live? Perhaps we’ll see you there!

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