Sunday, April 1, 2012

Discipline or Inspiration

Some of you were alert enough to notice my blog for last Sunday was missing. If you didn't, welcome back anyway. I simply forgot in the busyness of that weekend. That Sunday was the dedication of our latest grandchild, Matteo—number eight—in Ottawa and blogs were lost in the shuffle.

I blog once a week for personal discipline, which in some ways is a contradiction. How can writing which needs inspiration be a discipline? If I have to wait for inspiration, when do I write? But if I write without inspiration, am I saying anything meaningful?

I have to admit, some Sundays I open up this file not knowing what to write—a common occurrence known as writer’s block. But if I’m to continue this as a discipline, then I have to write something. How do I resolve this dilemma?

Strangely, inspiration often comes in the process of doing. This is true of any project, not just writing. To start, I may have only a flicker of an idea, but as I write, further thoughts come to mind, and the idea starts to expand into—I trust—something meaningful.

Of course, sometimes inspiration comes as a bolt from outside, forcing me to write. But discipline can also be a source of inspiration. For instance, is this piece is inspired? you be the judge. But at least it should provide some fresh ideas on the relationship between discipline and inspiration.

Moreover, it should prompt further ideas of your own on the subject. If it does, share them with us.

Next weekend is Easter, and I have some thoughts (inspiration?) to share with you on both Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Join me then.

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