Monday, September 10, 2012


Well a day late, due to our being out all day Sunday. But this blog is an act of discipline as much as an expression of my thoughts and ideas about life. But my problem is that, like today, I have often no idea what to write about.

This seems crazy, when there is so much I feel passionate about. But nothing comes to mind that I haven’t written about recently, or I know insufficient about a subject that interests me. Writer’s block can occur for several reasons.

The usual reason is the intimidating sight of a blank page. Even if  know what to write about, how do I start? After all, the opening sentence is critical for gaining attention of readers. Too drab or mundane, and I’ve lost you already!

Apparently, even Charlie Brown and Linus, usually voluble, have the same problem occasionally.

I generally approach this by writing what comes into my head. At least that gets the mind working and starts a flow of information about my subject. Get the basic information down, and the first sentence may suggest itself. Modern technology makes revision so easy.

Which brings me to a second problem I find with writing, especially blogs. The ease of revision means an article may never get finished because I’m usually unhappy with most “finished” work. There is always something that could be improved.

But life is too short to keep revising. At some point, I must consider my work complete and go on to something else. Especially blogs; time to play with them is more limited, and, for me, they are always an interim thought on the way to greater clarity.

So what am I to write about today? Well, I guess I’ve written it, and it wasn’t that hard. Now, I suppose, I should look at that first sentence. But the whole blog isn’t that scintillating, so the first couple of sentences may be just about right!

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