Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Emerging Church

Over the years, the emerging church has garnered a variety of reactions, seen by many as a drift away from the historic Christian faith. It has grown to a large movement, comprised of a variety of unattached groups of various beliefs across the world.

It is true that much in the emerging church has liberal Christian and charismatic streams coming together under a mottled New Age spirituality—although that is not so new anymore. Especially the “Emergent Church” is a specific organization, that has veered in that direction.

This digression from the Christian faith has been fostered by a postmodernism that maintains there is no fixed truth: we all carry our own truth with us. The idea that intuition is the source of truth is fertile soil for accepting one’s belief about God as relevant as anyone else’s!

However, the common thread in all emerging churches, whether espousing evangelical or New Age views, is seeking ways to engage the postmodern culture with the faith, and disillusion with a church that seems increasingly out of touch and irrelevant to the culture.

So it’s unfair to label all emerging churches as departing from the faith. Do they distort the truth to a package the culture will accept? Or are they endeavouring to address the historic Christian faith in terms a postmodern culture understands.

The first denies the faith, the second retains its integrity. Let’s be discerning and not reactionary!

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