Sunday, April 14, 2013

Why the Commandments?

In our secular society, the guiding rule for moral behaviour used by communities and courts is avoiding harm to another. Similarly, some of the Ten Commandments provide this protection: do not murder, steal or falsely testify; these protect others from harm.

Yet several commandments are not defined by the harm principle. For instance, no human, not even God, is particularly harmed in daily life by not revering Him. Nor is adultery, used as an umbrella term for all prohibited sexual activities, so easily defined this way.

In fact, any and every sexual practice is permissible in our present culture except for pedophilia and rape, because only the latter are reckoned to harm another. Thus, if any type of sexual union does not harm another, why should it be forbidden?

Gay rights are in the forefront of the crusade against Christianity for exactly this reason. For while the Bible prohibits homosexuality, it does not state why. I have no immediate answer why homosexuality should be considered wrong. If two men or women get together, no harm is done to anyone else.

So why is the Bible adamant against homosexuality? Perhaps the answer will emerge in the long term, although I do not have a historical precedent to guide me. So here is a long shot! As a society moves away from Christianity, it tends to become a culture of death instead of life.

The original command in Genesis to “be fruitful and increase in number,” has never been rescinded or even abridged. But the beginning of a determined effort to defy that direction was introduced by the condom.

This separated procreation from recreation—the ability to have sexual pleasure without the attendant risk of conception. Over time, if contraception failed, legally sanctioned abortion ensured child free sex. Now, Canada kills off, in the womb, a city the size of Lethbridge every year.

What has this to do with homosexuality? Simply this: gays cannot produce offspring. Of course, many heterosexual couples are unable to have children, but gay coupling denies the chance of procreation, and increases a dying culture by reducing the birthrate.

Coupled with abortion, euthanasia and growing infanticide, these result in a birthrate woefully inadequate to maintain Canada’s population. Attendant losses are insufficient skilled workers, an aging population, and a declining tax base; in sum a fading culture.

That joins the female sterilization camps in India, sex selective abortions in India and China, huge moves by western powers to establish abortion in developing countries; all part of a modern eugenics program to control the world’s population, a profound, massive move against human life.

The harm principle is an insufficient defender of human security. Western culture has caught the disease infecting the rest of the world: declining value of human life. God’s signature—His image stamped upon each individual—is the only distinction that can restore permanent value to human dignity.

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