Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Cultural Death Wish?

See, I set before you life and prosperity, death and destruction. Now choose life. Joshua 30:15, 19

Never before have these words seemed so appropriate for today’s western culture. The further away we slip from the Source of life, the greater our slide towards a culture of death. Euthanasia, assisted suicide, and abortion are the obvious harbingers of a culture devolving to its death wish.

Medical ethicists are currently promoting the idea of post-birth abortion. A baby should not be considered a person until about the age of two, giving latitude beyond abortion to dispose of defective or unwanted humans early in life.

Now the greatest western nation in the hemisphere, following others, has legitimized gay marriage. This is a contradiction in terms: marriage exists for procreation. Other unions, however close, and however named, will never be a marriage. Gay relationships are intrinsically barren, a further nail in the coffin of life.

Courting death in all these ways creates nations that depend, like gay marriage, on adoption. People parented by other countries are imported to avoid a declining population. Chances are those will also eventually succumb to the siren call of a culture risking death.

The western world has gained in prosperity, stability, influence, and comfort by its historical reverence for God and recognition of Him as the source of life. This weekend may experience the hottest temperature the world has ever experienced in California’s Death Valley

As a footnote to last week’s blog, is it a coincidence that it follows the US supreme court decision to advance gay marriage? May be it is, but as we continue to challenge His counsel, we will only add to the dysfunction of the planet’s systems that maintain life on our precious earth.

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