Sunday, June 9, 2013

Pro-Life Rising

I have been a staunch supporter of conservative governments all my long life, considering, as Margaret Thatcher said, that liberal thinking (now thinly disguised socialism), “finally runs out of other people’s money.” Initiative—despised by liberals because it undercuts government control, but jealously guarded by conservatism—provides wealth for government programs.

But for the first time in my life I am cooling on Canada’s current conservative government. Of course, any government has programs we like and dislike, but on the whole, the Harper government has steered us well through the recent world financial crisis.

However, the recent government stifling of free speech in parliament has raised a rebellion in the conservative party that I strongly support. My decision is heightened by the fact that Harper’s decision was to specifically quell discussion of abortion. This, of course, still leaves me at odds with the other parties that continue to deny the basic human right to life of the unborn.

Recent reporting on the death of Dr. Morgentaler, shows a pro-life groundswell that puts Mr. Harper on the wrong side of this debate. Joyce Arthur, executive director of the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada, takes on the mainstream media for their coverage of the death of Dr. Henry Morgentaler as being too “balanced.” In her opinion it gives way to much credibility to today’s young, energetic and smart pro-life movement.

She says, “Apparently, the media thinks that [anti-choice] view has some kind of legitimacy and must be presented against the pro-choice view in the name of ‘balance’,” and, “the mainstream media continues to give space to these fanatics.” If a historically pro-choice media are rethinking their coverage of this issue, they are clearly sensing a change in attitudes towards abortion. (

Both Lila Rose of Live Action in the States and Stephanie Gray of the Canadian Centre for Bio-ethical Reform are making major inroads to the disgusting conditions of the abortion industry in North America. Further, a significant and surprising factor in pro-life resurgence is the youth who have lived their entire lives with complete freedom of abortion anytime up to birth.

Dealing with the destruction of human life at any stage of development will always be an ethical issue, because at some point it puts us all at risk. Until there is a significant change of attitude in the conservative party—the only one with sufficient conscience on this issue to effect change—my support for this government will be lagging, even to staying away from the polls altogether.

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