Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mourn Over Canada


Canada day is past with its rejoicing over a secure and prosperous nation. Yet Canada’s foremost major problem—beyond any political scandal or natural tragedy—is a casual and indifferent attitude to life.

We are incensed at the killing of unarmed civilians by the Egyptian military, but shrug at the slaughter of 100,000 unborn children every year in our nation, as though we were slaughtering pigs. A city larger than my hometown of Lethbridge, Alberta is wiped off the map every year.

It seems to be an open secret a child may be killed in the womb; even outside the womb if there is one toe still in the vaginal canal at birth. A child is not considered a person, and can be killed at will for any and every reason until it is totally clear of the mother’s body.

This is not because there is a law permitting abortion any time during pregnancy, but quite the reverse. There is no law forbidding it. As the chart below shows, Canada partners with North Korea and China in having no protection of any sort for a child in the womb. Further, an aborted child, even if it is fully born alive, is likely to be illegally slain. The slaughter goes beyond birth.


Will we continue to mourn the carnage within our own house next Canada Day?

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