Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sexual Regression


clip_image002Two gay married men purchased a baby in Russia for $8,000. They promoted their “family” as an example of successful gay parenting. In fact, the child was pimped out to pedophiles across the world from two weeks old for six years.

One man was sentenced to 40 years imprisonment in the States and the other is awaiting sentencing in New Zealand. But this story has not been reported in the mainstream media, presumably as it would reflect badly on gay marriage.

The above story, together with the restrained reporting of Gosnell’s “House of Horrors”—an abortion clinic of indescribable filth, unlicensed operatives, and routine snipping of the spinal cord of children aborted alive—exposes the sordid underside of “progressive” sexual attitudes

The Daily telegraph on July 3, 2013, published a column claiming that Pedophilia is rampant, under–reported, and incurs few adequate sentences.

In a previous blog, I reported that there is evidence that loosening sexual mores foster increasing sexual crimes. The above stories have caused to state the following:

“The reality is that all of today’s new sexual “lifestyle choices,” from homosexuality to wife-swapping to “sex changing”, are rooted in a counterculture of disease and moral degradation that nobody now wants to acknowledge.

“It is the triumph of the secular relativist faith—aided by endlessly cooperative news and entertainment media—that all of these are all casually painted over as morally normal and socially innocuous.”

The cause? A changing focus on personal pleasure rather than personal responsibility, despite the outcomes. This appears to create a cultural psychology toward desire for sexual unions that provide pleasure without the accompanying risk of children?

Homosexuality and abortion. The two dovetail: avoidance or abortion of children.

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