Sunday, December 8, 2013

Where Equaltiy Doesn't Work

Does women’s equality with men threaten the fabric of our society? Surely not. Human equality is a foremost claim of Scripture, and our secular culture has increasingly majored on this since women gained the vote. Even differing roles for the sexes do not undercut equal value.

In fact, ignoring one traditional distinction between women and men leads to a major problem: not whether women should be in the workplace or men in the home or similar issues, but the traditional differing attitude to sexuality.

Men are generally the initiators of sexual liaisons to which women respond—where women have that freedom. There is no female equivalent of “womanizer.” The continuing presence of prostitution is a response to the demands of men, not the desire of women.

Rather, women naturally seek security and shelter from a man, using their ability to attract a man by the “tender trap.” But men, usually the predators in society, carry the first responsibility for destroying the designed function for the sexes in procreation and family security.

However, in the early days of radical feminism, women sought equality by striving to subjugate or replace men—even trying to be men. Women, so “liberated,” now used their “freedom” to instigate sexual encounters, giving rise to a growing segment of “cougars.”

This perceived sexual equality reverses women’s choice to say “no,” the final line of defence for a culture’s morality. Women who indulge in this practice advance a descent into moral anarchy and the fracturing of families; the glue of society.

Eve committed the first sin, but Adam’s participation in it made him complicit. In an ironic reversal of fortunes, men generally initiate entry into illicit sexuality, but women become complicit when they consent to it—even more so when they provoke it.

Women predators are normally in the minority, occasionally referred to in the Bible. Scripture frequently depicts Israel as one by her unfaithfulness to God; Proverbs speaks of the seductive adulteress, Proverbs 5:3–6, and we can recall Potiphar’s wife.

But the growing sector of women sexual predators in our culture begins to upset the balance of enduring monogamy and caring for children of the marriage union. Children become an unfortunate by-product of sexual recreation, leading to widespread abortion and disturbed children.

God has provided a partnership in marriage that brings strength to a community. Women offer a stabilizing influence to a community when they a draw men into an enduring, faithful union.

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