Sunday, January 26, 2014

Can We Find Peace?

Many of you may remember the Beatles refrain of the last century: “All we are asking, is give peace a chance,” repeated as long as one could sing it. It went along with peace marches in nations of the world to stop the carnage of the interminable national and international struggles.

The refrain has died out, but the wars continue despite efforts to bring combatants to the table for peace talks. While watching the many peace marches world wide—and even agreeing with their desire—I often wonder if those marching are at peace with their neighbours and family.

We can hardly berate the leaders of the world for failure to achieve peace if we are at loggerheads with legitimate authorities, adjacent neighbours or family members. So the urgent need is to be at peace with those around us. But how do we achieve that?

Simply put, if we don’t have peace with ourselves, we won’t find harmony with people around us. Those who antagonise us—perhaps we ourselves—have inner conflict; internal anger, dissatisfaction, turmoil or resentment frequently directed at others.

Where can we find that elusive peace for ourselves? The Bible teaches the only valid source of peace is outside of ourselves; we must have peace with God if we are to find peace within. Jesus has already offered us peace with God if we accept His sacrifice on the cross for our sin.

Complete and final peace on earth awaits the coming of the Prince of Peace. But we can trust God now with the inequities of life that cause conflict—even our own guilt. The knowledge that our status is settled for ever gives us an inner peace—the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, Philippians 4:7—that cannot be found anywhere else.

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