Sunday, April 27, 2014

Time for a Break

I first blogged on this site on November 25, 2008, and have been posting blogs ever since, for the last six and a half years. If nothing else they are a continuing record of life with the Norfords through those years, but more importantly, a record of the beliefs that sustained us during that time. For the small cadre of followers and other occasional drop-ins, thank your for joining me. I trust you found some help and interest.

But now, with two major projects taking my time, energy, and inspiration, I feel it is time to take a break. Currently, I’m editing our first book, Happy Together, into a shorter page-a-day format. Details of the original and other books we have written are at

I have written a novel, which I’m totally dissatisfied with and needs major reworking. I edit layout for a writer’s magazine every quarter, and blog on the 17th each month for Inscribe, a writers’ society at

Then I have the germ of a book that has been bugging me for years that I must formulate, at least into essay form, soon. Then we have a growing family of grandchildren and great-grandchildren that we love to keep up with. Add to that occasional ministry assignments and I don’t have time to seek something else to do!

I’m sure I will resume blogging at some time in the future, as I enjoy sharing my thoughts and beliefs with whoever might listen or read. But in the meantime, I’m directing that energy to these other avenues.

May God continue to bless you and open your hearts and minds to His power, love and grace.

Bryan Norford

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