Monday, February 14, 2011

Chooing to Die?

Wael Gholeim was held blindfolded for twelve days during the recent Egyptian uprising. He was one who lived to tell his story; at least 300 died at the hands of the security forces during that time.

While in custody, this young man didn’t know whether he would live or die, but claims he was ready to die if necessary. He was not alone in this; many of the protesters spoke of their willingness to die for the cause.

Commentators have reported that the cause was effective because the populace lost their fear of the police who were brutally used to subjugate the people for thirty years. Death had become a tolerable alternative to the conditions under which the majority lived.

But Islamist terrorists have proved there are many who are prepared to die for their cause, even when their living conditions are comfortable. Those who no longer fear death are a formidable enemy, and faith motivated behaviour is the hardest to change.

Are we Christians prepared to die for our faith? That may seem an unlikely scenario, but willingness to die for Him measures our willingness to live for Him. After all, living for Him is harder than dying for Him, it is a daily sacrifice—and a living sacrifice can crawl off the altar.

How seriously are we attached to our possessions and living style? Both adversity and prosperity may insulate us from God. Suffering suggests that God has abandoned us, while prosperity may fool us into thinking we don’t need God (Proverbs 30:8–9).

Is the comfortable life prosperity has given us is too much to lose? Would we be willing to give it all up for Him, if not in death, in life significantly reduced of its benefits?

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this. I struggle to live for God daily and show my faith. Your words are encouraging.