Thursday, February 10, 2011


Most of you have seen the video of the red-coated granny tackling four helmeted and biker-leathered bank robbers. At first, I thought it was a staged event for you-tube, especially as it was broad daylight, reasonably good video, and many people around.

But it seems this crime was more of a spectator sport. If so, perhaps advertising time and location would be good business, and filming would be improved. The police could be on standby to enter at the best-scripted moment.

However, we can’t count out granny busting in at the wrong time and messing things up. This one couldn’t keep her shopping bag to herself, flailing around at the thieves who weren’t hurting anyone. I’m surprised she wasn’t arrested for assault and battery.

Well, I guess that could happen yet. One of the thieves will probably accuse her of excessive force, injury and humiliation. Perhaps all four will launch a class action suit. More than likely in our topsy-turvy world.

If they could crucify Jesus Christ, who also never hurt anyone—didn’t even rob a jewellery store—then anything is possible. Just be careful what you believe, or you could suffer a similar fate.

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