Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Negative Advantage?

It seems that this election is largely a battle of the neg-ads. From all the commentary we hear, it appears the party with the best negative advertising will win the election. Perhaps we have been wrong to believe that love makes the world go round—forget it, sex does it—any variety. After all, society is suffering from the strangle-hold of heterosex.

No wonder so many of our churches are failing. We have not mastered the art of running down the other churches—we only tinker at it. Obviously we must be more effective at this. We need campaigns and rallies to establish the apostasy of other church groups and damn other religions. Judgment is more effective than love.

No wonder evangelism is ineffective. Who cares about the love of God? Lay much more stress on what miserable sinners others are, and the damnation that awaits them. Only the enlightened few—us—who enjoy God’s favour can enlighten them. And, of course, keep them out of our churches.

Let’s face it, Darwin has already proved that life consists of the survival of the fittest. Those unable to care for themselves are a drain on resources, better used for more constructive results. Let nature take its course on those unable to help themselves. 

Our marriages too, may be suffering from too much tolerance of the other partner. Much more fault finding and female subjugation would make for a calmer life. After all, nature made men stronger for a reason. Service to others is not only self-defeating, it defies nature. A servile wife makes for a satisfied life.

Watching the neg-ads, clearly all the protagonists are deceiving liars, only bent on power and set to ruin Canada. If Harper wins, families will die of starvation while the rich enjoy nirvana. If Iggy wins, we will only earn enough money to pay our taxes. If Jack wins, reckless social programs will bankrupt the fragile economy. Worse still, if Gilles ever became prime minister, he would break up the country. Hmmm, actually . . .

Remember all this on voting day. Maybe we should spoil our ballots and vote for Ghadaffi?

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