Monday, April 25, 2011

A Personal Easter Reflection

The events of life continually offer fresh insights into the crucifixion. I am reminded of my surgery for prostate cancer two years ago, which strange to say, added real meaning to the cross for me.

Two weeks before surgery, I received an armband with name and barcode on it, together with dire warnings not to remove it or “you’ll get no blood transfusions, nothin’ if you don’t have it on for surgery.”

My surgeon told me I lost a lot of blood during extended surgery time and I received two transfusions. I’m glad I kept that armband on!

It feels a little peculiar to think that I have someone else’s blood flowing through my arteries and veins and I am particularly grateful for that one who donated blood for me. My blood type is AB negative, the rarest of the ABO group. The donor needed the right blood necessary for my survival.

The parallel is all too clear: I am eternally grateful for the blood given for me at the cross—blood of a type suited for my particular need. Human blood gives me earthly existence, but life that gives me meaning is the transcendent life gained from the blood of Jesus Christ.

Because his blood was real, purpose for this life and assurance for the next is also real.

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Anonymous said...

It shows the severity of grace. Too often it becomes easy to spritualize the crucifixion. We need to remember Jesus Christ was a real person who shed real blood.