Saturday, April 30, 2011

That Wedding!

It’s not possible to pass the recent royal wedding without comment, whatever one’s view of royalty. It is probably the most significant event in history to date—barring the incarnation—judging by a third of the world’s population watching it. That may only be capped by the return of the planet’s King when “every eye will see Him.”

If nothing else, it is a small glimpse into the glory to be accorded Jesus Christ upon His return to earth and His marriage supper, when all the kings of the earth will bring their riches to Him. If you don’t like some pomp and ceremony, you might want to miss that!

I thought it a pity the boys had to remove their caps for the ceremony. It revealed Will’s thinning pate, and Harry’s unruly hair reminded me of his sometimes unruly behaviour. Both belied the pageantry the occasion required!

I find the adulation shown for specific human beings because of their position or heritage a misplaced form of worship. Perhaps for some, if God is absent from their lives, this provides a convenient alternative. But that doesn’t mean that respect should not be shown for those in authority over us. Even if their shenanigans are reprehensible, we are still called to pray for them and respect the office.

The royal family, as with all authorized ruling officials, have my respect, if not always my admiration. But Will and Kate—oops, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge—provide a welcome breath of cleaner air to the royals. The relative simplicity of Kate’s dress—if a male may be permitted and opinion—suggested a moderate and measured approach to her new life. Surprised to miss painted nails, but I guess the train was inevitable!

Despite their lofty privilege, they resonate as a normal earthly couple. Their long friendship has inspired genuine affection, and bodes well for some stability to the royal heritage, sadly missing from the previous generation. This is especially important when they are models for so many.

Let us pray the vows they made and the Christian principles their ceremony espoused will guide their lives. Perhaps their example will bring more stability to the lives of their people and beyond. I doubt they will read this blog and thank me; nevertheless, they have my congratulations and prayers.

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