Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Approaching Sexual Smorgasbord

A news article on ABC News this week reported Marcus Bachman, husband of republican presidential hopeful Michelle Bachman counselled a homosexual that he could change his sexual orientation.

Homosexuality is considered a normal and acceptable practice. The prevailing belief that homosexuality is a normal and fixed orientation, denies the ability to change.

In fact, the reporter continued, trying to change could be dangerous, leading to depression or even suicide when the change did not occur. This incident stigmatized Marcus Bachman as practicing unprofessional, if not illegal, counselling.

Simultaneously, a rerun of a Law and Order SVU episode had a pedophile claiming that perhaps straights are the perverts, pedophlies are normal, and “we’re not going anywhere.” As farfetched as that sounds, the scene could have substituted a homosexual fifty years ago!

Experience in residential schools and the Catholic Church suggest that pedophilia is as common as homosexuality. Why is this not considered a normal orientation also? Why are attempts at “rehabilitation” continued when they are admittedly futile and orientation is fixed?

The problem is that recognition of pedophilia as normal opens the door to its practice. After all, if homosexual or other sexual expression in children is acceptable, even encouraged, why should sexual relations with a willing minor be considered statutory rape?

I am certainly not advocating pedophilia as a practice. What worries me is the trickle down effect that the open door and confusion on sexual identities produces. Practices now abhorred may be legitimized in the future in the name of human rights.

Also in the news this week, Kody Brown, the producer of the American reality show “Sister Wives” that promotes his four wives and sixteen children, is going to court for acceptance of his polygamous relationships.

Today also marks six years of gay marriage. Apparently, according to this morning’s headlines, “Canada hasn’t crumbled from it.” The problem is not gay marriage itself, but what opening the marriage door is leading to

Perhaps the man who wants to marry his dog my not be so far out after all. The news also reports this week that two monkeys in India were secretly married a few days ago. It is illegal for monkeys to marry in India!

Last time I checked, freedom of conscience, speech and religion were still an option to the increasingly doubtful assortment we are driving towards.

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