Monday, November 14, 2011

Keeping Busy

Well, I missed yesterday’s deadline for this week’s Sunday blog. It’s been a busy fall so far with a number of book signings across Alberta, and a final one at our own church yesterday—hence the Sunday  miss.

Having published four books this summer, in addition to one in the spring, and trips to Eastern Canada, and the West Coast has kept us busy all year.

Here is some information on our latest books, with more information on our websites, and

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I have written a couple of Study Guides through the Bible. Getting to know you 1: Seeking God in the Old Testament has fourteen lessons highlighting the main themes of the Old Testament books.   

Getting to Know you 2: Finding Christ in the New Testament has twelve lessons reviewing the New Testament’s theme of reconciliation with God.

The lessons in each book will take about a week, some perhaps two weeks, to work through. Thus the material could be mastered in perhaps something over half a year. These books are a great way to ensure your grasp of the Bible, especially if you feel that lack in some areas—most bemoan their poor knowledge of the Old Testament. The books can be used as a group study guide with a leader’s guide included in each book.

My latest book, Jesus: Is He Really God? Does It Really Matter? highlights the Deity of Jesus. Using Jesus’ own words together with what His listeners understood Him to say makes any belief, other than His claim to deity, impossible without erasing much of what He said. The book concentrates on the Gospel of John and Jesus’ use of frequent and emphatic use of “I AM” sayings. The Jews tried to stone him for making Himself equal to God.

Other books we have written are detailed on our websites. All our books are available on Amazon as a paperback, ebook or for Kindle, and most bookstores have access to them, or they can be purchased directly from us at the above websites.

Happy and helpful reading.

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