Monday, November 21, 2011

the Sexual Devolution

A culture that denies individuals’ accountability to God, deteriorates into a self-serving society that develops its own rules of behaviour. Rationalization desensitizes conscience, the God-given gauge for conduct, blurring the line between good and evil. Moral standards derived from personal opinion loosen the cohesiveness of society.

There are now only two forms of sexual expression forbidden by today’s western culture: Pedophilia and rape. All other sexual activity ranks either as normal or acceptable. Very different from the only acceptable practice of sex within marriage of one man to one woman recognized just a few decades ago.

The free-for-all that now constitutes sexual practice has produced broken families, a generation of scarred children and has migrated to the destruction of human life as a birth control measure. Now that sex is primarily for recreation and not procreation, children are increasingly targeted for sexual recreation.

Within the last week or so, reports of youth abused by adults in authority have surfaced at both Penn State and Prairie Bible Institute. The tragedy of the native residential schools not only continues, a strong lobby advocates normalizing this practice between consenting individuals.

For those whose sexual orientation is toward children, pornographic images of children continue to proliferate around the world. The liberalizing of the varied expressions of sex not only broadens categories of practices considered acceptable but also increases the practice of those forbidden.

Some may consider this freedom gained. But each “advance” creates demand to legitimate wider practice. This fosters exploitation, slavery and misery of others. If every tree is known by its fruit, this tree is rancid and poisonous.

Yet this deepening crisis is excused by love. How meagre and ephemeral is this distorted image of love that demands fulfilment yet destroys its environment. True love is sacrificial, acting beyond its needs and demands. It builds bridges over the chasms of human failure.

This spring of love is in God Himself. Sacrificial faithfulness maintained in the “one flesh” heterosexual union pictures God’s faithfulness to His people. His ultimate sacrifice is the fruit of His love, which draws us to Him in reconciliation and joy.

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