Sunday, September 23, 2012

Everyone Has Faith

There is a misconception in the general population and, unfortunately, among many Christians, that it is only religious people that need faith, because they cannot prove their beliefs. Certainly, without proof of one’s beliefs faith is necessary.

As much as we would like to think the existence of God, and our Christian faith is provable, there is only circumstantial evidence. That may be sufficiently supportive of our Christian belief, but if there was real empirical evidence, faith would be unnecessary.

The lie spread by those who claim God doesn’t exist, or is irrelevant to our life on earth, is that they base their values on what can be known, not on what cannot be known. Sounds logical, until we recognize the non-existence of God cannot be proved either.

Thus, their whole basis of belief is based on an erroneous assumption: God’s existence cannot be proved, therefore He is irrelevant to life on earth. But an unproven God is not proof He doesn’t exist—simply put: absence of proof is not proof of absence.

Any assumption that cannot be proved requires faith. Thus the secular mindset of our culture is as much a faith position as any religion, yet strikingly inferior to faith in God. The changing values and opinions of secularism betray its lack of substance and coherence.

Humankind has not changed since Adam and Eve. So human needs have never changed and the Bible has met those needs for millennia. It’s shadow will always threaten the shifting sands that undermine the secular mind.

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