Sunday, September 30, 2012

Defeat of Bill 312

Sunday, September 30, 2012
It seems to me that knowing when human life begins is a fundamental cornerstone of justice. The idea that this should be pursued was rejected in parliament this past week by a margin of more than two to one. This result clearly illustrates Canada’s decline in the preservation of human life.

Of course, the motion was rejected on the basis that it might interfere with the convenience of abortion on demand, clearly declared by a common media message that it was an anti-abortion bill. Discussion on abortion would certainly have been an outcome.

It’s common knowledge that a human must be designated a “person” to be accorded basic human rights. Personhood has always been denied to oppressed segments of society, most notably slaves, blacks, and women, to maintain a convenient status quo.

Maintaining the “freedom,” so valiantly fought for, to dispose of unwanted growing human life within the womb, will be defended vociferously as the Commons vote shows. It is a dreadful commentary on our deteriorating society that this procedure is so widely supported by our MPs.

Currently, no law exists in Canada to protect a child so long is he or she still has one toe in the birth passage. Thus Canada is the only western democracy not providing protection of the unborn at some point in their development. In this, we ally ourselves with nations like North Korea and China.

But nearly one third of the vote was for the motion. Clearly, abortion is still a major moral issue, and by all accounts I follow, the number and volume of voices against this horrific procedure are growing. And the majority of these voices are Christian.

Naturally, this gives rise to the cry that “we don’t want your religion stuffed down our throats.” But the declining value of human life in our culture loudly declares the failure of secular beliefs, while Christianity gains credence by its continuing voice for all human life.

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