Sunday, October 7, 2012

Thanksgiving: Can We Say Anything New?

Perhaps we can if we live in Facebook. Facebook is the third largest nation on earth, population just over a billion, third only to China and India. Multi race and multi lingual, we can visit with friends instantly anywhere within its boundaries. Perhaps this is something to be thankful for on its own, but its citizens have a lot more to say about thanksgiving.

Here are some samples:

Thankful that the things I used to fear that have become the things I treasure most.

Thankful for the beauty that remains when we are purified by the trails of this life.

Thankful for the people God has given me.

Thankful for the freedom that comes from THANKFULNESS.

As we eat through this CANADIAN Thanksgiving weekend, we will thank God for each one of our loved friends and family members, ... just before dropping into a Glutton Coma. (It's nice to be blessed, but much better to be forgiven.).
The ability to think and reason and have interesting conversations with people. And the ability to write about my thoughts and feelings! Every time I write a new blog I think... "I should write more often."
Way too many blessings to count, yet family & friends to share them with day after day.

Celebrating 14 years of marriage to my best friend. Thank you, my friend, for loving me unconditionally. I thank God for you!
For the comforting thrill of waking to morning silence, instead of a beeping alarm . . . Thank You (for Saturdays).
Thankful for my family.
So very thankful . . . words cannot really express.
Cheers for all the quarter century birthday wishes, another year needing to grow up. I got to get onto dat.

For sisters to bake with . . . thank-YOU.
Join them with your own expressions of THANKSGIVING.

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