Sunday, December 22, 2013


After the dismal report I gave you last Sunday, today is a time for some good news, especially as we are celebrating the ultimate Good News this week. This past week Trinity Western University (TWU) was been granted status as a Law School.

This is no mean feat. The opposition from other law schools has been monolithic. How can graduates from a faith-based school that prohibits sexual liaisons of its faculty and students outside of heterosexual marriage ever be impartial?

This, of course, ignores the basic assumptions of any law student or faculty based on unprovable religious or non religious beliefs, always based on faith. If non-belief can claim impartiality, so can Christian belief—perhaps to a greater extent by recognizing the value of every person.

The welcoming arms of Jesus to all for reconciliation with God are the basis of equality under the law in western nations. Equality solely based on the flagging generosity of “decent” but flawed human beings eventually fails, just as a culture devoid of the true God deteriorates.

We can all rejoice with this initial victory—there will be further challenges ahead—for it is a victory for all of us. Let us rejoice with TWU this Christmas as we remember again the humble generosity of the One to whom every knee will bow.

We will wrap up this year’s blogs on this note. Not certain yet how I’ll handle my 2014 blogs But in the meantime, Ann and I pray for a blessed Christmas and God’s richest blessing for you and your families in the coming year.


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