Sunday, January 5, 2014

Agree Together

Unity in marriage needs this constraint: don’t make a decision affecting the marriage unless both agree. That may sound unworkable, but it means that neither partner can resent a decision made by the other. Here are some examples.

Ann and I attended an investment seminar together but I was skeptical of the excessive claims made for property investment. But it seemed good to Ann and important to her and there was a possibility it might work. We both agreed to go ahead.

Due to a downturn in the markets, the decision was a poor one and caused us financial headaches for years. But despite my misgivings, we took the decision together and so weathered the difficulties together.

While living in the Lower mainland, we searched for a house to buy, but it took over a year to find the right one. Each of us found different places we liked, but which did not satisfy other. The home we finally bought was one of the best we owned.

When we moved to the prairies the situation was different. Due to various restraints, we needed to move quickly and Ann went ahead to find a place to live. I gave my agreement to her choice before she made it, knowing from experience it would be a good one.

This meant that I relinquished my right of veto to ensure our plans moved quickly. Ann bought an ideal house for us, which was also a good investment, reflecting a good decision on my part!

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