Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday December 1, 2008

Man's days are determined; you have decreed the number of his months and have set limits he cannot exceed, Job 14:5

Well, if I wanted prompting that my days are numbered, this is it! It is a tart reminder that I am limited to my time on earth, something I think about the older I get and brought into sharper focus by sickness. I have already passed my allotted three score and ten years, and am now borrowing from someone less fortunate who didn’t make that number. However, I don’t think this quote means that my personal days are determined without any action on my part, but rather that humankind generally is limited to time on earth. Death is an equal opportunity employer; we all eventually receive the same wage.

For me, death is simply another deadline to be met, with certain things that I want to do or must do to be done by then. It’s a bit like changing my life from an architect to a pastor. A deadline for architectural work could often be extended, but as a pastor, Sunday came whether I was ready or not! Time management was essential for that and for life as a whole. Is my life going to produce “wood, hay and stubble” or something worthwhile? That is in my hands.

So which about the future bothers me the most: my disease or tomorrows scans and their outcome? Actually, I’m bothered the most by the ridiculous farce being played out in Ottawa; a bunch of hooligans scuffling for power, upsetting the business of the country on the pretext of putting it right! Whatever the outcome it increases the uncertainty and pain the country is already suffering. Perhaps the most amusing thing—if that’s possible—is the dead seriousness with which they tackle plunging us all into disarray.

But the scans will go on tomorrow regardless, and I look forward to a visit to the doctor on Thursday for results and a meaningful course of treatment. One way or another life will go on for a time yet and I plan for it to be meaningful for our time now and for eternity. They are both to be joyfully anticipated.

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