Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tuesday December 2, 2008

One man gives freely, yet gains even more; another withholds unduly, but comes to poverty, Prov. 11:24.

I was struck today by three crises happening simultaneously. We are all aware of the financial crisis, and now the constitutional crisis in Ottawa. As if in sympathy, my body is also going through its own constitutional crisis about who is in charge. Both the first two reflect the second clause in the above text—caused by financial greed or lust for power, and clearly doubt the first! Is there a parallel in my personal story? Growing common wisdom suggests that I may have been niggardly in supplying my body with sufficient nutrients to fight disease—I prefer to feed it my poor taste. Hence now the cottage cheese and flaxseed oil!

Certainly if we treat our God given bodies right we will “gain even more.” But disease is not a simple cause and effect or we would all be held responsible for the illnesses we encounter. I’m certainly grateful for our much maligned health system, and today’s experience increased my opinion of it. Despite having to swallow pints of dye, feeling like a pin cushion and wondering if I was joining the junkie fraternity, the efficiency of the process and friendliness of the staff made it almost a pleasant experience to visit the hospital. I was impressed by the large robotic scanning machines providing pictures that pinpoint disease and vastly improve diagnosis. Some health system bucks well spent and working.

Hospital efficiency also dovetailed my day nicely. Go to the hospital at 9, stay to drink pints of a dye cocktail, swallow powder to blow my belly up, a jab and some rides though Stargate, another jab of dye for the bones and a two hour break. Time enough to go home for lunch—no breakfast today—and take Ann to university. Then back for another ride (very) close up and personal to the scanning cameras—even time to snooze for the half hour while the robots performed. Then back to pick Ann up from university and home in time for supper.
Tomorrow should be easier!

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