Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wednesday December 3, 2008

He who has been forgiven little loves little, Luke 7:47

Today, as expected yesterday, has been a quieter day, but not without its anticipation of tomorrow. I must admit to waking in the night and wondering about the possibilities ahead of me. Perhaps it’s not wise to know too much in these circumstances as the various scenarios can lead to disquiet. Further, because of telephone company “network difficulties,” my doctor has been unavailable and no appointment has been set for tomorrow—a little more uncertainty to test the quietness. Even the text at the head of this blog doesn’t add much comfort at first sight.

Yet forgiveness is the first step to revived relationship. And forgiveness to be received requires an awareness of personal failure. This is true for personal relationships but particularly awareness of the depth to which we have failed God in our disinterest or even outright rejection of him and following a path away from him. In a corollary to our text today, the deeper our sense of sin, the greater is our sense of forgiveness and love for him who forgave us. This is the basis of the most meaningful relationship that earth and heaven afford us. It is on the certainty of this relationship that I have confidence in God’s overarching care and direction for my life and those affected by it.

In the meantime Ann has finished her classes at the university, and preparing for her two last exams. This term has seen her gaining most marks in the high 90s, a great boost to her confidence in her ability to finish her degree with an excellent GPA. Now she is going to be checking my stuff instead of vice versa! We continue to pray that tomorrow may provide us with some resolution to the uncertainty for the future that hangs over us. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

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